I have some questions...

Why would I want to know what my future health looks-like?
In a phrase, "If only I knew then what I know now". If you know your probability of developing mental conditions as you age, you can act now to minimize your probability of developing those conditions. YMI was developed as a "preventative" application to predict how lifestyle changes today can lessen your chances of developing mental conditions in the future.

How does this compare to the DNA systems, heart monitors and other mHealth"wearables" and services-in-the-market?
DNA products like 23&me and AncestryDNA can tell you your genetic predisposition toward health conditions, and mHealth "wearables" like FitBit and Apple EKG can tell you your current situation, but none of them take your life development environment into account; and without your life development history there is no context and the accuracy of their predictive ability is very limited. YMI combines your genetic expressions with your factual life development history to provide context to the guided machine-learning algorithms. This allows the generation of deeply-informed predictions of the future.

How does YMI compare with other online Mental health questionnaires?
There are numerous inexpensive or even free online systems that claim to provide Mental health assessments. The problem with these systems is that they are modeled on the same subjective premise that produces the very high misdiagnosis rates that are the root of the problem. Converting a subjective process to a digital formula does not solve the underlying problem. In essence, those systems rely on you telling them what’s wrong with you; basically a self- diagnosis approach without context and fraught with opinionated bias. YMI is more advanced in that it involves extensive, fact-based objective analysis correlated by sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to actual brain wave data to refine the predictive process. This sophisticated approach is complex and expensive to achieve but without it the results are simply not good enough. Remember the adage “you get what you pay for”.

How can you predict my future Mental health when you don't know what I may experience going forward? For example, what happens if I have a debilitating injury sometime in the future?
YMI compares the mental state of a statistically-significant sample of persons who have similar biometric signatures and who have experienced a debilitating injury (or other event) at various ages. The foundation of this predictive ability is YMI's unique Reference Database. YMI includes a powerful "what-if" feature that allows you to change your trajectories by changing your answers. When returning after your initial membership questionnaire, you will be presented with a shortened questionnaire where you can modify some lifestyle answers and see the effect of the changes on your predicted trajectories. Please note that the shortened questionnaire doesn't allow you to change answers for all questions, mostly those related to your formative environment when you were less than 20 years of age. If you want to see what would result if your formative environment was different, and/or how extraordinary life events may change things, you need purchase another MemberID and start from the beginning.

Why do mental Condition trajectories change over time?
Your mental state involves complex relationships between genetics and lifetime events. A situation or event combination that causes a significant issue at 25 years old may become more, or less, significant at 45 years old. Predicted trajectories are based on a person's unique combination of factors and, similar to DNA, while everyone has a many of the same combinations and factors, each individual has a unique variations that dictate why they are the way they are.

Does YMI generate a medical diagnosis?
YMI generates predictive probabilities based on extensive objective data and supervised machine-learning. YMI is a highly-advanced correlation tool that performs professionally-guided in-depth analysis, but the final diagnosis remains with your Doctor.

What information is needed from me? When you join YMI, an extensive online Questionnaire is conducted to gather your genetic expressions, traumas, illnesses, allergies, childhood experiences and social circumstances. This is called "biometric data". The initial questionnaire is long (typically 45 minutes to complete) but once your biometric profile has been established, subsequent queries require fewer questions to see how lifestyle changes affect your future health prediction.

Why is it that the Questionnaire is shorter when I return for an annual checkup?
You cannot change your past so once your initial YMI profile is established there is no need to change answers to questions related to your past.

Can I see the effect of lifestyle changes?
Yes. You can make changes to your lifestyle answers and see how the changes affect your predicted conditions over time. The predictions are presented as a graph with age-group overlays. Please go to this section and find a link here

But I don't have EEG data - can I still join?
Absolutely. The Reference Database includes correlation of EEG data to biometric data so that high-probability predictions can be generated without your EEG data. That is one of the main reasons to use machine-learning in this system and is the basis of our patent-pending.